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Birth Certificate

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After being under the watch of their parents in their homes, growing kids need to be made ready for the outside world. The playgroup is a child's next exposure to the outside world and the start of their journey through the educational system. At this stage, every kid must get the support, encouragement, and sense of security that will enable them to overcome their separation anxiety, become accustomed to their new surroundings, build relationships with their teachers, begin socializing, and, in short, start growing.

Among the topics covered in the playgroup curriculum at Funkidzz International Preschool are the following:

● Enhancing one's sense of self-worth and awareness

● Fine motor skills development with delicate tasks.

● Improving communication and listening abilities

● Exploring their creativity and curiosity.

A day in life of Funkidzz Toddler

120 Mins Or 2 hours



30 Min

30 Min

15 Min

15 Min


Circle Time

Activity Time

Snacks Time

Learning time

Arc Covered

- Empathy
- Playtime

- Playtime
- Listening & Speaking
- Monthly Theme   Stories & Rhymes

- Phonemic Awareness
- Pattern Writing
- Fine Motor
- Pre Math

- Food Prayer
- Sharing Food
- Table Manner
- Magical Words

- Art
- Music &Movement
- Gross Motor Skills