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We are Funkidz International Preschool, a preschool dedicated to providing every kid with limitless learning experiences. We know that young kids learn the best while at play, so all of our activities and learning modules are based on the same philosophy: Learn while you play!

At Funkidz International Preschool, , we keep the teacher-to-learner ratio of 1:15 which means that 1 teacher looks after 15 young kids with one maid which allow our learners or, as we often refer to them, our leaders of tomorrow to get the attention they deserve.

With this, not only does your child learn well, but also our teachers can customize the learning experiences to suit the needs of your child. Our supportive environment gives learning opportunities to kids that let them explore their individuality, socialize with others, get an understanding of the world around them, and at the same time, get an insight into themselves as they interact with the outer world. 

A usual day at Funkidz International Preschool is packed with exciting activities that spark each kid’s natural curiosity as they go through our thoughtfully designed (and frequently personalized) learning activities. Our well-designed programs will gently lead your child through the process of learning lifelong skills and will open doors to a world of opportunities where they can continue to develop and become more authentic

Homelike Environment

we give our best to ensure our schools are warm and welcoming very much like home.

Quality Educators

Guarantee comprehensive and quality education for students to advance long lasting learning.

Play to Learn

Through play, they develop & grow truly and learn how to process new experiences of the upcoming world.

Safety and Security

Our safe & secured environment helps your child chase knowledge, that interest your kid to feel empowered.

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