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When a child enrolls in the Funkidzz International Preschool nursery, they have already overcome their biggest obstacle: separation anxiety! Here, They'll learn the fundamentals of social interaction, and become accustomed to the classroom settings. At this point in Funkidzz International Preschool, we lengthen the time that your kid spends with us, we read books to help them pay attention for longer periods of time and work on their patience by encouraging them to share resources and by giving each student a longer turn. We challenge future leaders to study their curriculum while working in smaller groups and pairs because they have already mastered working as a large group by this point.

Focus areas for the Funkidzz International Preschool nursery curriculum include;

● Increasing language and math skills

● Acquiring fine motor abilities necessary for tasks like writing, sketching, and coloring.

● Enhancing your kid's gross motor abilities through exercises like kicking, sprinting, and skipping.

A day in life of Funkidzz Toddler

120 Mins Or 2 hours



30 Min

30 Min

15 Min

15 Min


Circle Time

Activity Time​

Snacks Time​

Learning time​

Arc Covered

- Empathy
- Playtime

- Playtime
- Listening & Speaking
- Monthly Theme   Stories & Rhymes

- Phonemic Awareness
- Pattern Writing
- Fine Motor
- Pre Math

- Food Prayer
- Sharing Food
- Table Manner
- Magical Words

- Art
- Music &Movement
- Gross Motor Skills